Bill McKibben, The Age of Missing Information -Your have to listen harder to the natural world so you can separate out the primal song from the songs of our civilization and from our static.


We are a team of water sport enthusiast, committed to the development of one of the most comprehensive watersports facility available in our country.

May we present you with an opportunity to be among the many enthusiasts, indulged in the enriching culture of paddle sports. At WATERCROSS, our clients are pampered with our fleet of exclusive Kayaks, offering exceptional handling and comfort in any water conditions, while being scrutinized to ensure compliance with uncompromising safety standards.

These combining to maximize the fulfillment of a good day out at sea. Our paddlers are well equipped to embark on the many rousing expeditions, guided by itineraries specially tailored to meet a variety of needs.

Not forgetting our primary social mission of promoting an ever fulfilling lifestyle of pleasure out at sea, we have embarked on a lifelong drive in making watersports readily accessible to all who seek to explore.

Apart from paddlesports, we offer many other forms of sea-based activities, incorporating sailing, cruising, jetskis, jetboats and many more. For those who seek further, these may easily be extended to both local and cross-border expeditions.

With all in mind, it would be our pleasure to serve and support all sporting bodies and activities groups, in meeting their specific needs. You are most welcome to drop by our centre to better appreciate the whole range of sea based activities available for your participation.

Welcome onboard.

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