Bill McKibben, The Age of Missing Information - Your have to listen harder to the natural world so you can separate out the primal song from the songs of our civilization and from our static.


"Every soul need quiet places, and we need quiet ways to travel in them. We can never quite realize how valuable they are until we've been paddling, camping, and fishing in them over a few days. Once cleansed of the residue of a regimental daily life overwhelmed by industrialisation, you’ll once again find the that long forgotten “calm spot' in your heart.

Specially for outdoor enthusiasts who are unconsciously yielded to the subtle magnetism of nature, we offer you a quick get away from civilization, into a world beyond the reach of industrialization.

We present to you with an opportunity of getting up close to nature without being to far away from the nearest cold beverage, shower and flush toilet facilities. After all, we believe that it should never be too difficult to sleep next to a tree.

Come join us for this comprehensive tour of nature. This comprehensive tour seeks to embrace you with an experience of the following:

1. The River Cruise
We bring you into the heart of Pulau Ubin, crusing into the Jelutong River, where you will be rejuvenated by the scent, sights and sounds of nature. Though never as majestic as many great rivers, it remains an integral component of the water cycle in Pulau Ubin.

From the open sea coming in, you will experience a pleasant transformation of surroundings, instantly felt by an experience of sudden serenity upon entering the river. You will have ample time cruising the natural waterways extending from the river, chilling out and dining by our outpost situated by the Jelutong Bridge which spans the river.

2. Experience life out at sea
Every wonder how life can be out at sea, held in isolated by water, kept away from the worries of the chaotic world out there?.. We'll bring you for a tour of the Kelongs(floating fish farms), where one harvest, trade, live and seek pleasure directly from what the sea has to offer.

3. Experience Island Life
Immersed in a life of urbanization, many have forgotten the humble beginnings, when life was simple, untouched by urban developments. May we offer you with an opportunity to relive the past, going back time to the 1960s and experiencing the fulfillment brought about by a rural way of life.

We present you, a journey to “Pulau Ubin”, the last of the kampongs in Singapore that has resisted urban development. Paddling towards Pulau Ubin, you will be overwhelming by the simplicity of livelihood that embraces the island. With the soul in harmony, you are brought back to the beginnings of civilization by a visit to Ubin town, where you will be treated with servings, which tasted so familiar like a home cooked meal, a taste that can never be forgotten.

Complete the day lazing through the ever scenic evening out on the forgotten island and may we appreciate night fall under the starry heaven. It will be an wholesome experience for all…

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