Michael Furtman - What, pray tell, would I buy? there is nothing out here that is not free for the asking. Can you buy a sunrise? Is there a price to the exhilaration we feel from the thunderstorm that rages outside? Nature is the truest democracy, and not the richest man in the world is served a grander sunset than the beggar.


“Life is like art. You have to work hard to keep it simple and still have meaning.”

Immersed in a life of urbanization, many have forgotten the humblebeginnings, when life was simple, untouched by urban developments. Maywe offer you with an opportunity to relive the past, going back time tothe 1960s and experiencing the fulfillment brought about by a rural wayof life.

We present you, a journey to “Pulau Ubin”, the last of the kampongs inSingapore that has resisted urban development. Paddling towards PulauUbin, you will be overwhelming by the simplicity of livelihood thatembraces the island. With the soul in harmony, you are brought back tothe beginnings of civilization by a visit to Ubin town, where you willbe treated with servings, which tasted so familiar like a home cookedmeal, a taste that can never be forgotten.

Come join us for visit in time where it all begins, before it fadesaway, along with the last of the kampung generation..

Estimated Distance of travel: 12km

Cost : SGD40 per participant

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