Special Notices:

1. No entry into all rivers along Pasir Ris Beach;

2. Extra charge of 20% for equipment not returned to rack (upon completion of usage) by customers;

3. LIFE JACKET must be worn. It is your responsibility to wear it.

4. Additional charge of min 20% if kayaks are being dragged on land(instead of being carried off ground).

5. There is a risk of illness(e.g. gastrointestinal) if the water is swallowed during water activity. Advisory precautionary measures:
  • Minimise the time immersed in water as far as possible.
  • Rinse face and hands with clean water after completing the activity.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before eating or handling food.
  • Visit a doctor if you are feeling unwell after engaging in the activity.

6. For unguided rentals: Relevant paddling competency is mandatory.

7. Tidal is important. Avoid launch and return at low tidal. Tidal available at https://www.nea.gov.sg/corporate-functions/weather/tide-timings. It is at your discretion to manage low tidal conditions.

8. Weather(including rain, haze $ wind) is important. Weather available at https://www.nea.gov.sg. It is at your discreation to manage adverse wind/rain conditions.

9. Strictly No crossing of Shipping channel(between Pasir Ris & Ubin Island) when there are approaching powered vessels.

10. Beyond padding, hazards are found on land/ shoreline/ beaches as well. E.g. Be wary of slippery grounds(oil/water/algae etc) , sea creatures, rocks, hazardous objects etc.

11. If you have any health issues(includes Aqua-phobia) complicating your participation, you must not proceed further.