Team building activities are an effective way to reduce stress, improve attitudes and get your group to learn how to work together toward team goals. Our mix of fun filling sports & interactive challenges will have all energized with laughter, inducing organizational culture and productivity.

*We offer campout session at selected sites. Call for more information.

Team Structure

  • Group, forming teams of size 5 to 8 members each
  • Grouped by working groups of the same operating functions
  • Team Leaders: To be led by respective Managers/Student/Social group Leaders
  • Deputy Team Leaders: To be appointed by Team Leaders for each race event
  • Team names : To be assigned by numbers, followed by team names (Team 1 “Alpha”, Team 2 “Bravo”)


  • Rising Tides
    Each team (2 in one Kayak with half a paddle each) to paddle out to a designated place, all switch position while on kayak, and return to shore.
    Participants work on their balance and group trust.
  • The Blind Spot
    Each team (3 on one Kayak) to paddle. 2 team members will be blindfolded, other team member must communicate directions to manoeuvre a simple obstacle course (Land or Water).
    To enhance communication skill, leadership & teamwork.
  • Camp Out
    Group of 4, led by team leader to set up a tent while being blind folded.
    To enhance teamwork, commitment, patience, leadership and creative thinking.
  • Shark Attack
    Each team, 2 on each paddle board without paddle. Team members are obtain various objects to create a means to move. To compete by best timing, to maneuver a course.
    To enhance creative thinking as a team.
  • The Last Stand
    2 on 2 battle on floating platform, team with last man standing wins.
    To enhance communication and strategy.
  • Marine Eco Challenge
    Group of 3-4, to complete a relay race utilizing a selection of water crafts while completing a simulated mission on recovery of marine debris.
    To enhance communication and strategy.
  • Tug of wall
    5 on 5 tug of wall. Through the use of selected paddle crafts(sea/pool), team which brings rope a certain distance against the force of the opposing team’s pull wins.
    To enhance communication skill, leadership & teamwork.
  • Row Your Boat!
    Utilizing hand paddle boats, through the use of selected paddle crafts(sea/pool), team are to negotiate a course and return to base.
    To enhance communication skill, leadership & teamwork.
  • Surf Battle!
    On standup paddle boats, a pair of competitor attempt to have the other fall off the board by shaking the board(no physical contact).
    To enhance team strategy & skill.
  • Raft Building!
    Team are equipped with ropes, barrels, rubber tires & paddles. To construct a water raft which may carries 4-6 pax across a short course.
    To enhance communication skill, leadership & teamwork.

"If you never did, your should. These things are fun, and fun is good.."